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2nd MSAE Project Progress Meeting

This meeting was held in June-21 and due to covid, meeting was held virtually. The 2nd meeting was scheduled during the first steps of the realization of the IO in order to share possible difficulties and agree about the solutions. The partnership debated further details about development of intellectual outcomes and discussed 1st training event organization.

Partners agreed about further tasks and deadlines and closed meeting with clear understanding what to be done further. After the meeting questioner about evaluation of satisfaction about the meeting was sent and positive answers were got back. There were sent also questioner about satisfaction of project progress and management issues and positive feedback was received.

Sarmite Pilate

1st Transnational Meeting of project Municipalities Supporting Adult Education” (MSAE)

The meeting was held in November4, 2020, in zoom platform.

All participants shortly presented themselves, including represented organisation and country.

Project coordinator presented the Project aims, expected results, informed about planned learning/ teaching events in Italy and Estonia, publicity and dissemination issues (leaflet, newsletter, mailing list etc.), multiplier events for 40 participants in each country, involvement of target group, responsibilities of partners, planned timeframe and deadlines.

Project partners were introduced with Project budget and reporting rules.

Italian partner presented on the platform as a tool for the MSAE project, explained structure and users’ rights and showed also draft logos for the Project.

All partners finished meeting with motivation and good understanding of work to be done.


First short-term joint staff training event of MSAE project


was organized in September, 22-24, 2021 as a 3-day virtual activity due to unstable situation with covid.

It was focused on methodological and promotional materials tailored for Local Administration and municipalities. The LTTA was organized as transnational training course in order to prepare the staff members to work with the new methodologies and intellectual outputs, as well as to prepare mentors and trainers who will be able to ensure sustainability of the project results in all partner countries. We had discussions how to involve and motivate Municipalities, local administrations or the Central administration for Adult education in boosting their own activities for adult and/or low-skilled workers or unemployed ones. Learners of the partner organizations exchanged/shared materials, best practices and different aspects on how to enhance local municipalities role in supporting adult education.

All partner contributed to the content of the training course.

In Day 1, participants acquired skills in the use of the Desk analysis, the Review and Survey of existing practice in local municipalities as they were collected in all countries, including analysis of the specific target groups;

  • In Day 2, participants acquainted and discussed examples of good practices, the organization of the adult education and new way to motivate adults to LLL;
  • In Day 3, participants discussed sustainability of the project results, good practice examples of previous projects sustainability.

Sarmite Pilate, Project Coordinator

Some pills about our project

  • Municipalities Supporting Adult Education 2020-1-LV01-KA204-077426, is an Erasmus+ project aiming at significantly increasing adults’ participation in formal, non-formal and informal learning, both to acquire working skills and to implement active citizenship, investing in the growth of human capital at all levels in order to increase the efficiency of enterprises. Focusing on the educational needs of different target groups – both socially vulnerable and socially and economically active people – MSAE aims at capacity building for SMEs, analysing the digital literacy needs expressed by enterprises, public authorities and, more generally, by the local labour market. In addition to PROMETEO as the Italian partner, the project partners are the lead partner Latvian Adult Education Association (Latvia), Lietuvos Suaugusiuju Svietimo Asociacija (Lithuania) and Eesti Taiskasvanute Koolitajate Assotsiatsioon Andras (Estonia).

Lietuvos suaugusiųjų švietimo asociacija/Lithuanian Association of Adult Education

Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE) was established on 24 February 1992. LAAE is a public non-profit independent union of individuals and organizations of various types.


Our MISSION is: We, Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign adult educators and institutions, are calling get together individuals and representatives of various organizations for the purpose to promote an approach of Life Long Learning within the society and the development of an opportunities for continuing education.

Our activities are based upon such principles:

  • Openness for ideas, initiatives and experience;
  • Responsible and good willing work within a team;
  • Efficiency, e.g. to fulfill tasks in time and according agreed standards.


AIMS of the Association:

  • To invite adult educators and the institutions, discussing adult education issues, for joint work.
  • To Disseminate the ideas of andragogy and increase the prestige of the andragogy profession.
  • To Develop the andragogical mastery and internationality of adult educators.
  • To Develop a culture of quality management in adult education.
  • To develop adults need for Life ling Learning and capacities for active participation in their professional and community life;
  • To represent Lithuanian adult educators in the country and abroad.


To realize those aims, Association is focusing its activities in such directions: Promoting of Adults Teaching / Learning Methods and Development of Skills to Work with Adult Groups; Development of Adults Civic Skills; Adults Social Initiatives Possibilities Development; organization of Adult Learners Weeks, development partnership with similar organizations from other countries, forma and non-formal meetings of LAAE members.

LAAE is participating in creation of the main policy documents and legal acts on education. According the Law on Education LAAE sends its representative to the Council of Education of Lithuania which enables to advocate the interests of adult education in education policy debates.


LAAE is a member of: European Adult Education Association (EAEA, since 1993); ReferNet, the European network of reference and expertise provides high quality (since 2003); of non-formal Nordic – Baltic network of Adult Education (since 2006); NGO Education Network in Lithuania (since 2017).

The LAAE is also one of the establishers of the Estate Academy of Rumšiškės museum an associate partner of the international LEM Network (Learning Museum Network,

Latvian Adult Education Association

Latvian Adult Education Association is founded in 1993 and its goal is to promote development of non formal education system in Latvia, participate in creating life long learning policy  and promote development of civil, democratic and well balanced society. Latvian Adult Education Association is a member organization of European Adult Education Association, European Basic Skills network, Nordic – Baltic adult education network, Latvian Platform of Development Education and Civic Aliance – Latvia. Latvian Adult Education Association participates in developing National Development Plans and Strategies of adult education, represents non-governmental sector in Supervisory Board of  European Structural and Cohesion Fund and in Latvia Adult Education Management Board. Latvian Adult Education Association has remarkable experience of organization different educational and informative activities and seminars, implementing national and international projects. Latvian Adult Education Association has network including adult education organizations of whole Latvia, experienced trainers, approbated programs, methodological and educational materials.

Main directions of work:

-development of life long learning system in Latvia;

-methodological and educational support to adult education institutions;

– education of social risk groups, integration them in labour market and society.

Associated partners

Partners/ associated partners in Latvia:
1. The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments;
2. Adult Education Centres/responsible staff in local municipality for AE in each Country, in municipalities where there is no adult education day organized Partners /associated in Italy:
1. Local Regione Lazio, Assessorato alla Formazione Professionale and ANCI, National Association of Italian Municipalities;
2. The biggest educational centre in Rome, the ELIS Centre;
3. The Consortium Galileo in Rome.

Municipalities Supporting Adult Education

European Agenda for Adult Learning highlights the need to significantly increase adult participation in formal, non-formal and informal learning whether to acquire work skills, for active citizenship, or for personal development and fulfilment. The Agenda outlines a vision of how adult learning should develop in Europe by 2020 and sets the following specific priorities for the years 2015 – 2020, including effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies to reach and assist adult learners. One of the most pressing challenges for Latvia is strengthening its competitiveness to increase prosperity by reducing the productivity gap with other developed economies, while addressing the impact of the economy on climate (environmental) change, ensuring equal education possibilities in all regions of Latvia. One of the main lines of action is investing in growth of human capital in all levels and increasing business efficiency. Information Report on the Proposal for the National Development Plan 2021-2027 objectives, priorities and lines of action, stress the “Changing Paradigm and habits – the Way to Development”, which means that many obstacles to development, including our attitudes, habits and thinking need to be changed – both in terms of environment, work, education and collaboration with peers. We want to increase the number of inhabitants who learns and make informed decissions conected to economic, financial and environmental questions. We want to activate local governments to invest in education and awareness of our people, focusing on the educational needs on different target groups – the socially vulnerable and socially and economically active persons and to capacity building for SMEs, to show the upcoming needs of digital-literacy expressed by enterprises, public bodies and, more in general, by the local labour market. We will achieve this goal by giving possibility to learn and exchange good practices, tools and methods of local authorities in different countries to support adult education and raise knowledge and awareness of their citizens, entrepreneurs and employees. Learning, discussions and exchange of experience will be organized for staff and adult educators of partner organizations, which will get selfconficdence and knowledge to lobby AE in local municipalities. In multiplyer events and in electronic way to local municipalities and to other interested stakeholders the project results will be disseminated. Project partners are convinced that the transnational cooperation
between them will enhance activities of municipalities, develop an innovative approaches, build new networks, improve methods of work, transfer good practices and a new perspectives and increase the number of inhabitants who learns and make informed decisions.

Target groups are staff of local governments, Adult Education Associations and adult education providers. Objectives are:
1.Familiarize participants with tools, techniques and approaches of good practice examples of municipalities support to adult education;

2. Increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of the role of non formal education, about effective approaches to adult education development and different possibilities of local municipalities to support adult education;
3. Facilitate the sharing of diverse experiences of partner Countries involved in adult education;
4. Improve the cultural intelligence of participants;
5. Improve the confidence of adult educators to lobby support to adult education;
6. Promote cooperation and partnership among local municipalities and adult educators from different European Countries to further embed the European Dimension.


Prometeo is an Education Provider and NGO organisation born in 2001 in Italy. We have 8 stable members with 45 teachers taken from Universities or Upper Secondary schools. Our activities cover different sectors as Environment and Agrarian subjects, Agro-food Industries, Professional Skills for Managers, Economic Education, Youth, Health care, Tourism and related professions, Women at Work, Social Inclusion, Employment and Integration activities for Migrants. We do projects at European, National and Regional level: e.g. Projects for
young adults under-30 and Projects / Surveys with the Ministry of Interior and Regione Calabria about Minor Migrants and Environment in South or Central Italy. Prometeo made a 4.3 project in the Youth field during the 2010 in Reggio Calabria with a project named “Let’s Know” for a creation of a strong network between Mediterranean countries. We organized a training course for SALTO g Database on 2009-13 about “Mediterranean Environment, Review and Methodologies to Teach”, then another on 2010-2014 “Intercultural Training against Racism for a Welcoming Policy in Education” to mix environmental care and welcoming policies for migrants, then on 2010-2015 we made a course about “Professional Skills in Managerial Education for Universities and Schools”. Prometeo promotes cultural exchanges and social integration for adults, professionals living in cross-border regions as: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, for the promotion of the principles and European Identity of European Union, and for the Youth Employment cooperation.

Prometeo is recognized by the Ministry of Labour as member for fighting against Racism and for the Integration of Migrants, recognized by the province of Reggio Calabria as an Organization involved in the Environmental Education; it is recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Provider of Education for School personnel as teachers or headmasters, and recognized by the Regione Calabria and Regione Sicilia as a Certified Centre for VET Education. Our actual experience is in projects for Adults and Young Adults: the cooperation with neighbourhood countries in the framework of other European projects gave as the motives to propose projects as leaders or partners for training (practical and theoretical) of different issues, to assist to the future generations about professional orientation proposing sustainable and immediate work positions and ways of facing environmental and social problems to daily life style implementation and under European standards and identity. Then with the Regione Calabria we provided Adult education, general secondary education, and Vocational Education in Sport, Business and Computing. We are recognized with QE system with ISO 9001:2000/2008 Quality Certification for our centre located in Taurianova, Calabria, from 2006.

Prometeo made an inService Training in Berlin in 2009 for Intercultural education to fight racism, then we realized one Youth in Action project in 2014 named “Employability for All” and it was partner in a Grundtvig LP named “Memory Boxes” in 2012-2014. Prometeo is actually running a Leonardo da Vinci project with Germany, Portugal and Turkey and organising some KA1 courses in Rome and Florence. Prometeo is specialized in Vocational Training and education, recruitment and selection as far as evaluation process, informal non-formal and eLearning. Prometeo works to promote and provide professional, training and personal development opportunities for adults and young people, especially those that need to a new change to be employed or to upgrade their employability levels.


Association of Estonian Adult Educators ANDRAS:
– was established as a non-governmental institution in 1991;
– unites the representatives of different adult education providers in Estonia ( 65 juridical and physical entities);
– represents Estonian adult education in Europe and in the world. AEAE ANDRAS shares membership in the European Association for the Education of Adults since 1991 and in the
European Basic Skills network since 2017;
– aims at increasing the competence of adult educators.
– participating in the development of education policy;
– taking active part in promoting adult education and the concept of lifelong learning in Estonia building up education-friendly environment;
– organizing campaigns and events highlighting the value of education such as the Adult Learners Week and Adult Education Forum;
– participating in national and international projects focused upon adult learning;
– recognizing the profession of an adult educator and attributing professional qualifications;
– consulting member organizations and engaging them in the projects advancing the development of adult education.

The development of the occupational standard of an adult educator began in the early 2000s and the first qualification certificates were issued to andragogues in 2004. The right to award the qualification of adult educator was given to AEAE ANDRAS, who established a professional committee, involving the leading experts in the field. First occupational standard was knowledge-based. For the implementation of a competence-based occupational standard, a new version was developed in 2007 and the already existing three levels were supplemented. In 2011 four new occupational standards of adult educator were approved which are now fully compatible with the eight-level comprehensive qualification framework valid in Estonia. Since 2012 AEAE ANDRAS awards occupational qualifications of adult educator at levels five, six, seven and eight. So far 45151 professional certificates of adult
educators have been issued.
In terms of the present project the long-term experience of AEAE ANDRAS in organising promotional activities and campaigns of adult learning and adult educators’ training is especially valuable. The organisation has gained experience of participating in and coordinating transnational adult education projects, incl Erasmus+KA2. AEAE ANDRAS is also the national coordinator of Erasmus + AGENDA project “National Coordinators for the Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning”. AEAE ANDRAS is the awarding body
of adult educator’s occupational qualifications in Estonia and has experience in involving experts in the development process of the concept of adult educator’s occupational qualification. AEAE ANDRAS also offers qualified adult educators a range of various activities supporting their professional development – seminars, information days, master classes, conferences, regional workshops. The organisation also provides training courses of different volumes that support adult educators who aim at applying for occupational qualification.

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