Latvian Adult Education Association (Project Coordinator) was founded in 1993 and its aim is to promote the development of the non-formal education system in Latvia, participate in the creation of a lifelong learning policy and promote the development of civil, democratic and well-balanced society. Latvian Adult Education Association is a member organisation of the European Adult Education Association, the European Basic Skills network, the Nordic-Baltic adult education network, the Latvian Platform of Development Education and the Civic Alliance – Latvia. The Latvian Adult Education Association participates in the development of the National Development Plans and Strategies for Adult Education and represents the non-governmental sector in the Supervisory Board of the European Structural and Cohesion Fund and in the Management Board of Adult Education in Latvia. The Latvian Association for Adult Education has considerable experience in organising various educational and informative activities and seminars and implementing national and international projects. The Latvian Association for Adult Education has a network that includes adult education organisations from all over Latvia, experienced trainers, approved programmes, and methodological and educational materials.

Main directions of work:

-development of the lifelong learning system in Latvia;

-methodological and educational support to adult education institutions;

– education of groups at social risk, integration into the labour market and society.


The Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE) was founded on 24 February 1992. LAAE is an independent non-profit public union of individuals and organisations of various kinds.

Our MISSION is: We, the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign educators and institutions, are calling together individuals and representatives of various organisations in order to promote a Life Long Learning approach within the society and the development of lifelong learning opportunities.

Our activities are based on these principles:

Openness to ideas, initiatives and experiences;

Responsible and goodwill work within a team;

Efficiency, e.g. to fulfil tasks on time and according to agreed standards.

OBJECTIVES of the Association:

To invite adult educators and institutions discussing adult education issues to work together.

To spread the ideas of andragogy and to increase the prestige of the andragogical profession.

To develop andragogical mastery and internationality of adult educators.

To develop a culture of quality management in adult education.

To develop adults’ need for Life-Learning and skills for active participation in their professional and community life;

To represent Lithuanian adult educators at home and abroad.

To realise these goals, the Association is focusing its activities in these directions: Promotion of adult teaching/learning methods and development of skills for working with adult groups; development of adult civic skills; development of possibilities for adult social initiatives; organisation of Adult Learners’ Weeks, development of partnerships with similar organisations from other countries, formal and non-formal meetings of LAAE members.

LAAE participates in the creation of the main policy documents and legal acts on education. According to the Law on Education, LAAE sends its representative to the Education Council of Lithuania to defend the interests of adult education in educational policy debates.

LAAE is a member of the European Adult Education Association (EAEA, since 1993); ReferNet, the European Reference and Expertise Network provides high quality (since 2003); the Nordic-Baltic Non-formal Adult Education Network (since 2006); NGO Education Network in Lithuania (since 2017).

The LAAE is also one of the founders of the Rumšiškės Museum Estate Academy an associated partner of the international LEM network (Learning Museum Network,


Association of Estonian Adult Educators ANDRAS:

– was founded as a non-governmental institution in 1991;

– brings together representatives of different adult education providers in Estonia (65 legal and physical entities);

– represents Estonian adult education in Europe and worldwide.  ANDRAS has been a member of the European Association for Adult Education since 1991 and of the network

European Basic Skills since 2017;

– aims to increase the competence of adult educators.


– participate in the development of educational policies;

– take an active part in promoting adult education and the concept of lifelong learning in Estonia by building a favourable environment for education;

– organising campaigns and events highlighting the value of education such as the Adult Learners’ Week and the Adult Education Forum;

– participating in national and international projects focusing on adult education;

– recognising the profession of adult educators and awarding professional qualifications;

– consulting member organisations and involving them in projects promoting the development of adult education.

The development of the professional standard of an adult educator began in the early 2000s and the first qualification certificates were issued to andragogists in 2004. The right to award the qualification of adult educator was given to ANDRAS, which set up a professional committee involving leading experts in the field. The first occupational standard was knowledge-based. For the implementation of a competence-based occupational standard, a new version was developed in 2007 and the three existing levels were integrated. In 2011, four new adult educator occupational standards were approved, which are now fully compatible with the comprehensive eight-level qualification framework valid in Estonia. Since 2012 ANDRAS has been issuing adult educator occupational qualifications at levels five, six, seven and eight. So far, 45151 professional certificates of adult educators have been issued.

With regard to the present project, ANDRAS’ long-term experience in organising promotional activities and adult education campaigns is particularly valuable. The organisation gained experience in participating in and coordinating transnational adult education projects, including Erasmus+KA2.  ANDRAS is also the national coordinator of the Erasmus+ AGENDA project ‘National Coordinators for the Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning.  ANDRAS is the awarding body of professional qualifications for adult educators in Estonia and has experience in involving experts in the process of developing the concept of professional qualification of adult educators. ANDRAS also offers qualified adult educators a range of activities to support their professional development – seminars, information days, master classes, conferences, and regional workshops. The organisation also provides training courses in different volumes to support adult educators aiming to apply for professional qualifications.


Prometeo, Italy

“Prometeo is an Italian education service provider and NGO, created in 2001. The organisation has 8 stable members with 45 teachers from universities or secondary schools. “Prometeo is active in various sectors such as the environment, agriculture and food industry, professional skills training for managers, economic education, youth, healthcare, tourism and related professional fields, the working women segment, social inclusion, employment and integration of migrants.

The organisation carries out projects at the European, national and regional levels: e.g. projects for young adults up to the age of 30 and projects with the Ministry of the Interior and the Region of Calabria on migrant minors and the environment in Southern or Central Italy, as well as a number of other projects such as: “The Mediterranean environment, overview and teaching methodologies”, “Intercultural training against racism for a welcoming policy in education”, “Professional capacities for university and school leaders”.

“Prometeo promotes cultural exchange and social integration for adults, and professionals living in border regions such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia; promote the dissemination of the principles of the European Union and the ideas of European identity and cooperation in the field of youth employment.

Prometeo is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Labour as an organisation that advocates the fight against racism and for the integration of migrants. Prometeo is recognised by the Province of Reggio Calabria as an organisation involved in environmental education; the Ministry of Education is a provider of educational services for school staff (teachers and managers). Prometeo is recognised as a certified vocational training centre in Calabria and Sicily.