Expected results of the project related to the long term objective is increased number of learners, thanks to better support of local municipalities to adult education and related to the short term objective is strengthening relevant skills of the staff of local municipalities and adult education providers by activating effective cooperation between partner organizations. In the short term perspective, expected results are:
– Four reports – Country studies “Actual situation in adult education” (3-5 pages per Country) (month 5)

The Report is a context analysis and will collect all relevant information from partner organizations. It represents existing practice of adult education, existing support to adult education, the information about adult education possibilities of different target groups, support from EU funds, state and local governments. This first tangible result is expected to be produced before the second project meeting.

– Methodological Handbook for local governments (background info about AE situation in each Country, good practices and tools with practical instructions for supporting AE). Handbook will have a user friendly layout and an easy language to reach a large target: staff of local municipalities, adult education professionals, stakeholders and citizens in general. (month 22) Handbook will include situation analyses “Local municipalities support to adult education”:

1) Adult Education possibilities for the two target groups,

a) vulnurable groups as unemployed persons, low income people, migrants, etc. and

b) as active citizens, employees, SME enterpreneurs, upcoming needs of digital-literacy expressed by enterprises, public bodies and, more in general.


2) good practice examples of supporting AE activities in cities and rural municipalities – models, examples of activities. Handbook will be accesable in electronic way in partner languages, which can be used as „Electronic methodological and promotional materials for local administration to promote adult education at the local level”.
– 2 learning/ teaching events with exchange of experiences for supporting AE (months 11;18)
– a leaflwet (months 3); A Dissemination Plan (months 4); a Newsletter (month (momnth 19)

To promote and to share the experience is necessary a well defined strategy for communicating the intents of the project to relevant stakeholders, in particular to whom the project refers- to local municipalities and to AE providers. Each partner organization will lead their Dissemination Plan (minimum of 100 contacts per organization) and some tools of communication are planned:Electronic Promotional Leaflet (month 3) , Project Dissemination Report (month 12).
The exploitation of the project results is of major importance.
-Therefore Multiplier events for stakeholders will be organized in each Country, where produced handbook and good practices will be disseminated and practical methods of supporting adult education will be practically demonstrated. (month 21-23)
An immaterial result will be the International awareness raising and capacity building learning events in Italy and in Estonia. At the end of the project we will have informed adult educators and staff of local municipalities & local politicians about different practices of local municipalities to support AE.