As output of the Erasmus + project “Municipalities Supporting Adult Education” we have developed the handbook, with which we wanted to increase the role of local governments in supporting adult education to promote greater adult participation in education. Local authorities are the closest support institution for local people, working closely with local adult education providers. This determines the special role of local governments in adult education.

The information in the handbook will allow municipal adult educators and organizers to gain new knowledge and initiative for improvements of adult education. It contains information about the actual situation of adult education, existing support for adult education providers and adult education opportunities for various target groups, EU funds, state and local government support instruments. There are inspiring examples of good practices.

The Latvian Adult Education Association reflects the practice of two different adult education support models. The Lithuanian Adult Education Association provides a detailed and inspiring insight into the organization of the annual adult education weeks and activities promoting adult mental and physical health in Panevėžys and Joniškis municipalities. The Estonian Association of Adult Educators “Andras” describes how the network of adult education coordinators works in Estonia, analyses the role of regional co-operation seminars in solving the problems of adult education and tells about the long-term operation of the Tallinn Folk High School. Prometeo, an Italian association involved in adult education, shares the use of Montessori methods for adults and several innovations that make it easier for people to return to education and better integrate into the labour market.

The handbook also offers a practical tool for identifying the digital skills of the population, which has been piloted in several municipalities in the project partner countries during the project and provides information on specific digital skills development needs. The tool can also be copied and adapted for other municipal needs. The handbook is designed to enable municipal adult educators to gain new knowledge and initiative for the improvement of adult education.

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