All partners will participate in all activities and will make researches on educational needs and possibilities and supporting methods resulting nation reports. However, there will be a responsible partner for all tasks in order to ensure active and balanced distribution of the tasks.
The partnership (even if each organization has gained experience in EU funded projects) will involve in project work organisations/persons that have never previously been involved in a similar project. This aspect represents an opportunity for establishing future transnational cooperation and for reinforcing European networks. Tasks and responsibilities among the partners will be distributed as follows:
LAEA will coordinate the whole project, prepare agendas and all the meetings together with each host partners, will be responsible for communication and deadlines. LAEA has significant experience in managing and coordinating educational projects at national and European level and its staff has long history in organizing informational and educational events.
The association has qualified professionals researching and practicing adult training and development of adult education in different areas. Prometeo will be responsible for creating project webpage and it will organize the transnational training event and transnational project meeting and multiplayer event for local and regional stakeholders with involvement of many learners.
The Estonian partner will will organize the transnational training event and transnational project meeting and multiplayer event, will be responsible for the coordinating development of experiences of local municipality`supporting methods from partners to include in Handbook.
Having big experience in networking and promoting adult education, it is competent in this activity and is aware of the needs of adult learners. The Lithuanian partner has an additional capacity to reach over 2000 people in the country, have experience in EU joint projects and in dissemination of information. They will be responsible for dissemination strategy, coordination of development of leaflet and newsletter, will organize transnational project meeting and multiplayer event. And in a wider way :
• the applicant LAEA will led all implementation and coordination activities distributing tasks and monitoring project’s achievements;
• Prometeo, as part of Italian and European networks of Training Organisations, will led the dissemination general activity in European level;
• Andras will implement activities related to effective exchange of methods, ideas, experiences and design the training programs.